Join the team! Only by working together can we ensure water works for the planet, people and profit. Your decision to stay informed is a vote for a more water secure planet.


Global Water Works showcases trends, organizations and experts that are helping to create new opportunities for water. Tap our YouTube playlists for case studies and tutorials to educate your team.


See your water opportunity more clearly with the support of experts, technology and tools. Participate in a “Circle of 10” challenge group to unite drops of interest into waves of impact.

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Many of you have earned the right to lead the change. We celebrate your success, and invite you to share your talent, findings, success stories and examples to enlarge your impact.

For Future Generations…

Global Water Works is a 501c6 organization committed to advancing solutions designed to ensure that water will be available for future generations.

Our extensive research and interviews with industry associations, academia and Global 2000 leaders, reveals that industrial transformation for water sustainability is taking place … but adoption is dangerously slow.

While thousands of concerned organizations have been advocating for water conservation for years, only now, with the arrival of big data, sensors, analytics and automated, real-time metering, can we measure what we’ve always wanted to manage. Global Water Works showcases the technology, leaders and resources that help water work for the planet, people and profit.


Global Water Works uses awareness and education programs to connect business at risk of disruption with efficient (water saving) and SMART (automated, monitored, and cost-saving) solutions that can be implemented today.


Industry alleviates the global water crisis by integrating smart and efficient water technology solutions that help monitor, measure and manage scarce water resources.


You are part of ensuring water works for future generations. You are invited to use the latest technology and practices to learn, grow and lead the change.

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"When the well's dry, we know the worth of water"

Benjamin Franklin, Poor Richard's Almanac, 1746