Join the team! Only by working together can we ensure waterworks for the planet, people and profit. Your decision to stay informed is a vote for a more water-secure planet.


Global Water Works showcases trends, organizations and experts that are helping to create new opportunities for water. Tap our YouTube playlists for case studies and tutorials to educate your team.


GlobalWaterWorks works with industry researchers and technologists to create or curate the business case. We then use engagement and education programs to help businesses understand and assess smart water solutions.

Make an Impact

Many of you have earned the right to lead the change. We celebrate your success, and invite you to share your talent, findings, success stories and examples to enlarge your impact.

For Future Generations

GlobalWaterWorks operates both a 501c6 and a marketing consultancy committed to advancing business adoption of smart water technologies to ensure the availability of clean, fresh water for future generations.

Our research and interviews among academics, industry associations, and Global 2000 leaders reveals that while significant transformation for water sustainability is taking place, adoption by much of the business sector is still perilously slow.

For years, thousands of organizations have advocated for water resource conservation. With today’s array of water technologies, scientific advances, real-time sensors and metering, and big data analytics, we have the capability to manage preserve, and reclaim precious H2O resources. GlobalWaterWorks showcases the technologies and leaders that help water work for the planet, people and profit.

Our Mission is to connect businesses with leading-edge solutions that can be implemented today, to maximize preservation of water resources and minimize water-related risks of business disruption.

Our Vision is to see businesses and industries take a leadership role in alleviating the global water crisis.

Our Team includes you. You’re invited to learn about and adopt the latest technologies and best practices to ensure that water works for future generations.

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"When the well's dry, we know the worth of water"

Benjamin Franklin, Poor Richard's Almanac, 1746