Share How Your Team is Gaining Efficiencies with Smart Water Solutions

Water has worked for us for thousands of years.  Now, we can help water work for future generations.

Together we can unite drops of interest into waves of impact by contributing time, talent and success stories.

We invite you to share water news, success stories, videos, etc., in our GlobalWaterWorks CONNECT community. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Please also reach out via email if you share our passion for global waters and would like to:

  • Volunteer your time and talent to assist with our research, content creation, awareness and education programs.   We are currently seeking videographers, business analysts, researchers, copy writers (water ambassadors) and social media managers.
  • Let us know of industry experts who are creating smart and efficient water programs, who could speak or lead GlobalWaterWorks projects.
  • Assist with education and training programs, or know of organizations, teachers or school interested in getting a speaker or curriculum on water.

Call for Case Studies

Impact_dreamstime2Industry decision makers and investors need to see the business case to make investments.

GlobalWaterWorks promotes case studies that can help business see the impact on the planet, people and profits.  If you have such a case study, please submit it to GlobalWaterWorks via email: Please include the following information:

  • Challenge or problem faced by your business
  • Solution (process or technology used to address the problem)
  • Approach taken
  • Impact achieved (please quantify ROI where possible)

Present your case study in an 800-1000-word narrative or 3-5-minute video. Be sure to describe the value of your case study for business.

Include the names, institutional affiliation, contact information, biographies (max 200 words) and photos.