Engagement and Education Programs

GlobalWaterWorks works with industry researchers and technologists to create or curate the business case.  We then use engagement and education programs to help businesses understand and assess smart water solutions.

Engage and Network

GlobalWaterWorks conducts roundtables or “Integrate” sessions, connecting those in search of solutions with experts to share knowledge and experience that can increase the success of commercial or industrial water-saving solutions.

  • GlobalWaterWorks CONNECT – Have a question or in need of a water expert? GlobalWaterWorks CONNECT links water pros on the mighty networks platform, inviting water researchers and technologists to share best practices and success stories to support those in need of solutions.  Members of this group are also the first to learn of business-focused events and resources.
  • GlobalWaterWorks Webinars – GlobalWaterWorks hosts regular webinars to showcase water-saving technology innovations and success stories. These webinars are designed to introduce business at risk of water scarcity to the experts and resources available to help.



Stay Apprised with Videos, Education

GlobalWaterWorks interviews experts and captures ROI-based success stories.

Our YouTube channel features the latest research and education published by leading researchers and innovation hubs, as well as by the water industry associations to which we belong.


GlobalWaterWorks YouTube Channel

Access Industry Assessments, Tools

The economics of water have made it hard for business to justify investment – until now.

Compliance and risk factors are motivating change. Recent droughts and the calamity in Flint, MI, have brought home the gravity of this global water crisis. Practicing good corporate citizenship for water sustainability builds pride, creates loyalty and has the ability to bring people together within your organization.

GlobalWaterWorks relies on the scientists and water efficiency experts to inform industry how best to enhance water stewardship. Among the organizations to whom we turn for answers:

Let us know if you have questions or would like help assessing your water opportunity: info@globalwaterworks.org